Quilting stencils for hand or machine quilting.

Quilting stencils for hand or machine quilting.  Take the stress out of quilting patterns.  Trace through these stencils onto your quilt and stich on the lines.

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Feathered Hearts quilting stencil 15cm
Tulip Fantasy 18cm
Elegance HW55 15cm
Heart Petals TB47 19cm
Hearts and Curves HH7 17cm
Promise Border 9cm
Leaf Sketch TB28 7.6cm
Swirl Border 119 5cm
Knit Border with Corner 348 10cm
Cable Border 377 9cm
Heart Puzzle EL5 19cm
Elegance HW54 11.4cm
Heart Border SN10 12.7cm
Tulip in a Heart Border HH10 10cm
Rose Border EL89 7.6cm
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